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most popular websites in kent

History of the most popular websites in the world

Looking back on the most popular websites, there are some big names that disappeared!

ai used for copy writing on websites in kent

Ai web content creation with ChatGPT

OHM have been creating content (copy writing) for web pages, posts and social media for many years but recently we’ve become aware of a new concept and it’s FREE!

newsletter for web design clients

Newsletters and Google SEO

With new web design clients joining us every month and the increased interest in websites and Google search engine

Richards Taxis Dover wordpress website re-design

Dover Taxi Company, taken for a ride?

Most certainly not! Richard’s Taxis Dover have been web design clients for nearly 10 years so when OHM put a special re-design offer out to clients the owner jumped at the opportunity. With a new car and more reviews to add plus a general website health check, the new design was completed within a couple of days. Photo retouch Richard (a keen photographer) sent over some excellent photos of his new taxi, the best of the bunch taken at St Margarets Bay near Dover had an ice cream parlor in the background. Using our Photoshop skill we managed to remove to make the image and presentation look more professional. The...

barton forestry services in kent web design

3rd website for logging company, page 1 on Google in less than 24hrs

We must be doing something right, this is the third website for local woodsman John Barton. This new WordPress web design is for his new Barton Forestry Services in Kent. John and his family have no time for the web content so we got a free swing at all the design and content including: New logo design Copy writing and Google SEO Page layout and design In fact all John supplied was a handful of photos! The logo had to represent the company name which we also assisted with completing web and company house searches to make sure there was no conflict. Copy writing is an additional service we offer...

golf club web design in kent

Golf club website re-design

St Augustine’s Golf Club (near Ramsgate) have had a close affiliation for many years with keen golfer and OHM director Nigel Stevenson. Local to the office and not as challenging as some local course, it was a pleasure to work with and get to know the club organisers on their new WordPress web design. Having completed the web pages, the challenge now is to create content that is in real time relevant to the club activities, which is hectic. Apart from the usual on-line booking for members and visitors, there are opportunities in the future for Golf Societies, Weddings, Birthday Parties plus the members social events. St Augustine’s is a...

top of google SEO in Kent

Query Deserves Freshness (QDF) puts OHM blog top of Google

2 days after publishing this news blog [ – 16-8-22] it went top of Google out of 2.22 million results, this was probably a Google reaction to a popular ‘news’ search on an active website. We’ve blogged about this Google search algorithm in the past, it’s call ‘Query Deserves Freshness (QDF)’, a Google re-ranking function that ranks popular subjects (ie: news) in order of ‘freshness’. What this means is if you use WordPress’s powerful post publishing feature you can put your web pages top of Google even if the competition is corporate and the results in millions. Unfortunately it’s a brief moment of fame that will be replaced by the...

disable right click copy

Protect your web content – disable right click

One of the big problems with website content (text and mages) is theft! It is all too easy to copy and paste from a web page to a document on your computer. For most this is not a malicious action, school project, personal message, social media for example. But in a few cases copying content from web pages is for commercial gain. OHM director Nigel Stevenson is also listed on Google as a Media Consultant using his website as a platform to showcase his media knowledge. Most of the content in his web pages are extracts from his book “On your marks” – a designers guide. ISBN 978-0-9926886-0-8. The...

search engine optimisation keyword phrases

How important is SEO for your website?

Here at Oast House Media we build SEO into all of our web pages as part of the price, but… What is SEO? SEO means Search Engine Optimisation, the process of optimising a web page to mazimise it’s impact on search engine results pages (SERPs). There are many areas within a website that Google identifies and actively seeks to cache and then use the data as a search element. Imagine your website is a jigsaw and each piece of your jigsaw is an SEO element. Some are easy to find (like the jigsaw corners or edges). Some are much harder to locate like the centre or large colour area jigsaw...

google seo campaign management in kent

New Years resolution? – go top of Google

Here at Oast House Media we’ve already completed our first web design in 2022. We normally find January a busy month as business owners reflect on the previous year and consider their marketing options. A well designed website, optimised correctly for Google (the UKs top search engine), will generate sales and more importantly you are not losing enquiries to your competitors if you keep your web pages fresh and manage your SEO campaign correctly. Oast House Media working with our Google SEO partners GoTopSEO have a proven track record of achieving this and continue to work with and support local businesses in Kent. Taking all the stress away from the...