How to ‘log’ keyword phrases on Google

Google SEO in kent for kiln dried logs

The Google search engine is the UKs premier search platform enjoying over 90% of all search inquiries. Therefore it makes sense that we target this search engine and follow it’s web page content requirements.

Our WordPress websites are very Google friendly with the WordPress developers working with Google to achieve a compatible design package. In addition, there are many Google Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) plugins available, we use the Yoast app to create compliant tags for Google to cache (find).

east kent logs for saleA good case sample is John Barton’s logs business in Canterbury. He’s recently invested in expensive Kiln Drying facilities so he can now offer Kiln Dried Logs to his East Kent customers.

To enable the search on Google we created additional content and optimised the website for a new keyword phrase: “Seasoned Barn Stored and Kiln Dried Logs for Sale in East Kent”

The results have been emphatic with a huge increase in local Kiln Dried Logs inquiries all over the East Kent area. Here’s a sample search showing our client is top of page 1 our of 2,590,000 results!

kiln dried logs for sale in east kent google search results

Google search page results showing our client is top of page 1

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