Can Google reviews influence local search results?

Oast House Media google reviews

Absolutely yes they can! Your Google reviews make up approximately 15% of your Google algorithm (the method Google uses to rate your web pages) and include:

  • Quantity of review content
  • Review submission rate
  • Diversity of review type
Google reviews for Oast House Media

Sample Google reviews for Oast House Media

Google is attempting to deliver to its customer (the user) the best match for the users search request. Therefore it makes sense to use the reviews as a value, this includes negative reviews – if you get one, you must reply to balance the content.

A few years ago Oast House Media received a negative Google review, our first and only one star comment. On investigation we worked out it was a competitor and replied accordingly.

Google list local reviews as the third most influential element to your rankings. You will require a Google account to write a review but they are quick and easy to set up.

How to set up a Google account

How to get a review?
The first and easiest method is to ask friends and family, then look at past customers. For low footfall business owners, send the customer a text/email link to your Google reviews page, for higher footfall business owners put a link on your website, use bulk email platforms like MailChimp, add to posters/leaflets.

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Update: 23-3-24
Since completing a request for Google reviews from OHM web design clients, we’ve noticed a surge in Google SERPs (search engine results page) position, with our last 3 blogs going top of Google (top 5) nationally. So I guess we’ve answered our own question!

google top 5 UK search success web designer in Kent

Sample search on Google using private browsing mode, Oast House Media blog in 4th position out of 828,000,000 results