Faversham Osteopath gets hands on treatment

martin file osteopath web design

Martin File Osteopathy based in Faversham is another Wix victim that’s seen the light!

Fed up with Wix support (or lack of it) and unable to make changes to his web page content, Martin took good advice from near neighbours and web design clients Faversham Feet and took the plunge with our web design services.

Martin File old and new logo design

Martin File Osteopath old and new logo design

The logo also needed a makeover so we put together a new logo design using our trade standard logo design program Adobe Illustrator which will allow Martin to use the new design for all future media (print, signage, adverts etc).

Martin is a self confessed techno phobic so we also assisted with his Wix CP DNS management, design layout and graphic design

see website: martinfileosteopath.com