free web page updates

FREE web pages and edits

We do not charge for minor updates

As part of our hosting management we also offer on-going client support with FREE minor edits and FREE ‘company’ pages*.

FREE web pages and edits

  • Up to 10 minutes FREE design time
  • Update text and images
  • FREE pre-formatted company pages

FREE minor edits

The last thing we want is our clients contacting us in fear of additional charges for minor changes to their web pages.

As a rule of thumb, a minor edit is up to 10 minutes work. That could be replacing some text, an image, correcting a typo etc.

If we estimate that the work could take longer, we will always let the client know what the cost will be in advance.

Contact us for more about our FREE update service

FREE ‘company’ pages

Company pages are defined by Oast House Media Ltd as non-commercial content pages. Typically: Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use etc.

As long as these pages are supplied *pre-formatted (ie: structured, all indents, numbering, bullets, returns, paragraph spacing etc) we will add these pages to your website and navigation menus FREE of charge.

Note: This instruction must be carried out as part of the page design process (not after the design is completed and signed off), maximum 3 company pages.

free company pages for your website