google seo search engine optimisation

Google friendly search engine optimisation (SEO)

Every web page (and post) has a dedicated Google SEO optimisation tool

SEO can be split between ON PAGE SEO and OFF PAGE SEO

On Page SEO
This is the placement of key words and phrases within your web pages using Google’s best practice methods (Google has over 90% of the UK search market). We help you through this and advise the best way to supply the visible text on your web pages (or we can do this for you).

We also add your keywords to areas not visible on your web pages using the <tags> Google and other search engines are looking for. A news feed for example on your home page (if regularly updated) is a very good on page SEO tool.

Off page SEO
This is the SEO created outside of your website, ie: linking from directories, blogging, social media and any other internet based content that links or promotes your web site address.

Mobile page SEO
Since April 2015 Google has announced that non-mobile Google verified website will be penalised on mobile (Google app) searches. This impacts on the on-page SEO as we now have to account for the reactive status of key SEO element. We will of course advise best practice with any design.

Oast House Media supply a dedicated SEO package in partnership with our SEO partners who guarantee placement on page 1 or they do not charge!*

Contact us to find out how we can get you above your competitors.

*Note: set-up costs are charged in accordance with keyword popularity and number of keywords required. This statement refers to success bonus for pre-agreed results page position.

social media design services

How does social media work with websites?

We get asked this one a lot and the simple answer is – if you have the time and imagination it can work well. Do not expect being active on Facebook, for example, is going to rocket your web pages on Google, it wont! Google can’t see your Facebook pages, but it is a high traffic route to your business. Look upon social media as another arm of your website that already has a high profile, but be warned – social media marketing is very time heavy.

Our top tips are:

  • make your social media page look professional
    (we offer a social media design service)
  • use your company logo and corporate imagery
  • keep any comments short,  clear and interesting
  • always link to your website
  • avoid conflict
  • grow a fan base
  • advertise your social media pages (website, marketing material etc)

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Google Compliance

Oast House Media are aware that Google is the UKs top search engine with over 90% of the search market.

We follow Google’s requirements very closely ensuring our clients are aware of any changes that may impact on their website


Oast House Media also offer a Google SEO campaign management package via UK based SEO partners

The campaign is managed monthly with no contract.

With a large portfolio of happy clients, GoTopSEO work on web page content using pre-agreed keyword search phrases every month and deliver an end of month report showing movement and page position.

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