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website designers in kent construction trades

Here at oast House Media we are always striving to offer the best website design service in Kent, but why just Kent?

We have many clients in the UK and abroad, but the vast majority are from The garden of England, a unique county with East Kent closer to France than London.

Many of our clients are in the construction trades: builders, plumbers, electricians, flooring, roofers, glazing, scaffolders etc.

Each of these trades use identical keywords, so for example: Builders use the following keyword phrases

  • new builds
  • extensions
  • brick layers
  • driveways
  • bathrooms/kitchen
  • roofing
  • plastering

That’s a diverse set of phrases that are also used by other trades.

It’s all about the geography
What makes a builder unique when listed on Google is their geographical location; a search for “builder” will show results from outside your area (mobile phone searches will show geo-location results), whereas “builder in [town name]” or “builder near me” (mobile) massively changes the search results.

Stevenson builders working on an extension in Bekesbourne, Kent

We know, having worked with the construction trades for many years, that due to fuel costs and fatigue, they do not like to travel too far for their work. In fact some tradesmen will not consider a job more than 5 miles from their office/home!

Kent trade web design experience
So going back to the ‘Kent’ theme of this article, understanding the trade requirements and the geographical area make a big difference to our clients search performance. That, plus realistic pricing and professional website design means we can deliver a complete fuss free, no gobbledygook, easy to update small business WordPress web design which includes:

  • Client editable web pages
  • Royalty free imagery
  • Copy writing services
  • Photographic services
  • Search engine optimisation
  • FREE training (on-line or on-site)
  • FREE office hours support
  • FREE PDF on-page preview software
  • FREE image galleries
  • FREE minor updates
  • Low yearly costs (hosting)
  • No maintenance fees

Oast House Media, website designers in Kent that understand the trade requirements and the area.

Already have a website?
Many trades go for the easy option, a low cost Wix or GoDaddy website. In time although the website may look good, it wont perform of Google. Oast House Media offer a Wix and GoDaddy website conversion service