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Writing content for your web pages is NOT the same as content for your printed flyers or brochures – one simple reason: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Web page attention span is much shorter than paper publications, most surfers looking for a product or service will spend no longer than 20 seconds on a web page, usually much shorter. So attracting an inquiry from a web page requires considerable thought to keyword phrases.

Likewise, Google and other search platforms are also looking to cache keyword phrases, in affect you have two customers reading your web page…

copy writing and seo for humans1. The human
Our reading habits and ages vary so a happy medium has to be struck: not too challenging for the less able or quick reader, not too basic that the content is detrimental to the product or service.

Newspapers are a good guide: red top for under 18s, broadsheets for over 18s. That simplifies it a bit harshly but as a guide you can use the diction and content format to help assess your potential reader.

copy writing and seo for google2. The search engine
Google enjoys over 90% of the UK total search market, making it the ‘go to’ platform for the vast majority of your inquires. Therefore optimizing your web pages for Google is vitally important.

Oast House Media have over 20 years of search engine experience making us one of the market leaders, here are some basic tips to that helped our clients create Google SEO friendly web page content.

  • high keyword content
  • use of links to service and/or product pages
  • use H1, H2 etc title tags
  • title all links
  • use bullet list for quick reading
  • use images and text together to create a total description
  • use alt tags for images and change file names to descriptions

There are many other creative content ‘best practices’ Google and other search engines are looking for.

If your web page content and code is not set up correctly, it WILL affect your search page position.

Content copy writing clients include:

  • plumbers
  • builders
  • electricians
  • waste removal services
  • gardeners
  • landscapers
  • double glazers

most either didn’t have the time or the inclination to create good quality, search engine friendly copy for their website.

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