Why use Oast House Media, established 2004

If you Google “website designers in Kent”, or “East Kent” you will probably find a list of good quality designers profiling their work on some very nice websites. If you’re looking for a new website designer that may sway your decision process, ie…

  • They’re top of google in their own trade
  • Their own website is nicely designed

And to be honest that’s a great start so why look any further?

reactive google friendly website designers

Remember your website designer is a long term business partner, so will they…

  • Reply to your email questions quickly?
  • Pick up the phone when you call?
  • Can you talk to the actual designer (or do you just get admin)?
  • Do they use an auto-queuing ticket system?

Then there’s pricing…

  • Are they competitive?
  • Is there a maintenance fee?
  • Are annual hosting fees good value?

And most importantly…

  • Have they got a good portfolio of work?
  • Can they show samples of Google SEO success?
  • What do their existing clients say?

Here at Oast House Media we cover all the key design requirements and more, so we can also offer our customers not only…

But also addition services like…

And the FREE stuff?…

  • FREE training (WordPress)
  • FREE support
  • FREE unlimited email accounts
  • FREE consultation
  • FREE social media integration
  • FREE Google SEO advice
  • FREE news letter covering everything ‘webby’

Contact us for more about Kent’s top web design services from just £450.00!

free wordpress training in kent

What do we need to help build your website?
Having provided web designs for 100’s of clients we know ALL the answers! Using that knowledge we’ve created a unique Website Planner document to help you to provide us with the right information.

website design planner

Download or Website design content planner (PDF) and fill in as much as you can but don’t worry if you can’t answer all the questions, we’ll use the document as a meeting agenda to help you understand how it all works