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Web design for schools

Oast House Media offer an affordable school specific website design solution to meet the exacting Ofsted requirements, parent expectation and staff advocacy.

Ofsted conformity

Ofsted is very clear about its web page requirements for all school types and has a clearly defined list of ‘must haves’.

Oast House Media will ensure that your web pages conform to that specification and more.

Ofsted Inspection Notification Kit for schools (OiNK)

Oast House Media have devised a system that notifies the head of an impending visit to their school, giving staff additional time to make ready and prepare for the inspection – more

Parent expectation

The majority of parents will use a mobile device to access specific pages for their childs education, therefore your school web pages must be mobile friendly, easy to navigate, clearly signposted and professionally designed.

Oast House media have over 20 years experience in web page design with hundreds of positive reviews covering an eclectic mix of trades and services

Staff advocacy

School websites by their nature have a higher-than-average update expectation with news, events, diaries, galleries and Ofsted updates making weekly or even daily updating critical.

Oast House Media offer training and support to make sure key staff members can access and update critical data at any time.

“…extremely knowledgeable and  very thorough in their approach to updating our site….willing to adapt to any changes that we suggested…provided the staff with comprehensive training…very pleased with the result. I would certainly recommend him to other schools or businesses”.
Pete Talbot Headteacher, Castle Hill Community Primary School

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Why use OHM
There is a lot of choice in Kent when it comes to web design but OHM offer a great school web design package that includes:

  • Affordable Kent based web design services
  • Client editable web pages
  • Royalty free imagery
  • Copy writing services
  • Ofsted audit services
  • Photographic services
  • Search engine optimisation
  • FREE training (on-line or on-site)
  • FREE office hours support
  • FREE PDF on-page preview software
  • FREE image galleries
  • FREE minor updates
  • Low yearly costs (hosting)
  • No maintenance fees

Our education sector web design services start from £750.00 for a re-design of an existing website using existing content. For more information contact us (or complete the form below) for a full written proposal with costs.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
It’s also worth mentioning that our web pages do well on search engines thanks to the WordPress design platform, selected plug-ins and over 20 years of SEO experience.

We also appreciate that your catchment and KCC referral processes will cover yearly intake but there may be a commercial part of the business that relies on a page one Google position.

  • Nursery school places
  • SEN
  • Facility hire
  • Private tuition

…are a few areas that SEO can help bring in additional income.

Contact us or complete the quick form below, we will respond within a few hours.