Top 5 national Google search success

top of google searches

Once we’ve built your amazing website, the holy grail for most business owners is top 10 status on a Google search.

All our WordPress websites are fully optimized for Google (the UKs most popular search engine) as part of the design and will rank on search results, some web pages will even make top 5 status without much effort from the business owner.

Local searches on Google
Unique search phrases embedded into web pages will enhance your status, for example a plumber offering an “Worcester boiler service in Folkestone” or an electrician offering “PAT testing service in Sandwich” are unique because of the trade specific subject and the geographical term.

OHM top 5 on Google

National searches on Google
But a national (non-geographical) search are much harder to achieve as the competition increases, ie: there are say 30 plumbers using the search phrases “Worcester boiler service in Folkestone” but over 100,000 using just “Worcester boiler service”.

Working with our SEO (search engine optimization) partners GoTopSEO based in Kent, we’ve achieved some amazing results for our clients locally and nationally including our own website that sits high and proud nationally for:

“WordPress website designer” – 5th out of 147 million results.

Needless to say, locally our website works even better against Kent geographical areas on Google.


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