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Royalty and usage FREE images

Most clients have galleries of images taken on phones, cameras, from suppliers or even commissions but we’ve found a small group of professionals that struggle to supply photos for their websites due to the nature of their business, ie: legal, financial, clerical services.

We have access to millions of generic photos (and graphics) that will cover nearly all trades.

search for free images for your website

example of a FREE search for “builders”

Many of these images are FREE to use and copyright free.
We can access FREE image libraries if the budgets is tight and as part of the creative process we can add ‘dummy’ images to the design so you can see what the website is going to look like.

This is important for us and helps us get constructive feedback from the client. We don’t expect everyone to be able to imagine what a page will look like.

The copyright issue is very important, many think that just because an image is on Google images it’s free to use – wrong.

Without pre-agreement images, text, sound etc are copyright to the originator or license owner – be careful!

google images logoImages and Google SEO
Images are also very important not only as decoration on your web pages but also to the Google’s SEO algorithm. The file name and ‘alt’ tags form an important part of the Google cache and are used to deliver web pages on Googles SERPs (search engine results pages) listing.

We explain all the above in our first meeting and training with all WordPress website design clients.

Professional photography for web or print

Oast House Media offer a profession digital image creation and editing service for web and print design:

  • Architecture
  • People
  • Products
  • Processes
  • Scenes
  • Nature
photo editing for websites

example of photo editing

Photo editing

Most images will need some form of editing from basic sizing, rotation and scaling, to colour changing, background removal, cleaning up, clipping paths and more.

Photoshop-design services in KentHere at Oast House Media we use Adobe Photoshop for all photo editing, this powerful trade standard application helps us create the right style and quality of imagery that can make your web page look so much better

All part of the professional image services that we can supply for your website imagery.

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Sample photography for our clients

Sample of professional photos taken for our website clients by Oast House Media staff and local photographers