Newsletters and Google SEO

newsletter for web design clients

With new web design clients joining us every month and the increased interest in websites and Google search engine optimisation, it’s very important to get some feedback from everyone using Oast House Media.

Our newsletter goes out every quarter via the Mail Chimp e-mail system which also gives us an insight as to who looks at the content and which articles are of interest.

See our latest Spring 2023 newsletter:

Each article is carefully written with 2 readers in mind…

  1. The client: a short descriptive link on the Mail Chimp email takes you to our website post page. This keeps the email more readable and takes the client off to our website. From a sales point of view this is where we want you so in theory you may find something else of interest.The post page always has a graphic, a message, a link, a call to action. Simple marketing stuff but without this the message becomes uninteresting.
  2. Google: SEO copy writing is all about the message as point 1, but in equal measures Google. The UK’s top search engine devours data and loves new content. Our news posts always have…

a picture (file name and alt tag describes the photo content)a title (H1 tag)
a paragraph with a link (breadcrumb SEO technique)
a pre-agreed use of a keyword phrase (ie: web designers in Kent)

So as you can see, it’s not just a newsletter, it’s a tool we use to stay above our competitors. (and here’s the call to action!) If you would like to know more about Google SEO and how to get your website top of Google contact us.