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Christmas 2023 Newsletter

Dear client Firstly, welcome our new clients to our newsletter, a periodical update on all things OHM and webby.

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Newsletters and Google SEO

With new web design clients joining us every month and the increased interest in websites and Google search engine

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Server migration completed

As part of our hosting services we occasionally have to upgrade our servers, just like your PC or Mac, servers get old and need changing.


Protected: January 2023 website and email migration

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Client email server upgrade December 2022 migration information

As you are aware (clients), we are upgrading our email server. Emails have always been a FREE service offered to all new web design clients. To continue this service we are migrating your email account(s) and website to a new server. Why are we upgrading? Servers (like computers) become obsolete as technology, support and security move forward. Our present server has been deemed by our hosts as getting to it’s end date so to ensure the best support, a new server is required. How does the upgrade/migration affect the client? In theory there will be very little disruption to your email traffic as the transfer process is a mirror of...

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Summer Newsletter 2022

Here at Oast House Media we’ve had a long term policy of keeping all our clients informed. The door is always open as the saying goes. We’ve been sending newsletter to clients for over 10 years with a range of topics from web design to logo design, scams to special offers, competitions to company news and just about anything that may be of interest to a business owner. Originally we emailed the business owner directly from our email accounts, but for the past 5 years we’ve used MailChimp. MailChimp is free to use but we opted for the pro version so we could receive detailed stats about activity especially posts...


POP3 v IMAP emails – your choice?

We’ve blogged this subject before [Which email type should I use – POP3 or IMAP] but it’s such an important part of your business we thought a follow-up blog was well overdue. We all take email delivery for granted, PC, Mac, laptop,tablet or phone – they just get delivered, correct? Of course yes, like the postman delivers every day. But it’s not a simple delivery, an email can take a complicated path and have to get through some officious security. Also, devices, ISPs and device software handle emails in slightly different ways as well. OHM strongly recommend that all emails are managed using 3rd party hosting like Office 365 because...

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New IT support partner

Oast House Media have always worked closely with IT companies. Having a good safety net for this service is vital for us as we get many enquiries from our clients about: emails (especially iPhone users) anti-spam/junk emails broadband connectivity laptop, PC and phone repairs telecoms A few of our clients already have some form of IT support but the vast majority call us! For the record, OHM does have a general understanding about the above but we do not have the skill levels most technical issues throw up, that’s why we use a trusted IT partner and in this case an IT expert recommended by one of our Thanet based...

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Newsletters and Google SEO (Newsletters explained)

With new web design clients joining us every month and the increased interest in websites and Google search engine optimisation, it’s very important to get some feedback from everyone using Oast House Media. Our newsletter (see July 2020) goes out every other month via the Mail Chimp e-mail system which also gives us an insight as to who looks at the content and which articles are of interest. For example, the graphic shows us that the Manston article was more popular than the training post, no surprise there, the same item was covered by the BBC the previous day and as SEO copy writers we were using the news spike...

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High volume email clients use Office 365

Over the past couple of years we’ve been spending more time working with high volume email users. By definition, these are normally companies with more than 3 email accounts (per web name) and/or using the imap mail delivery system. Our mail servers are limited to a storage capacity of 500mb or less, this is more than enough for pop3 users (usually office desktop devices) but we are seeing an increasing usage from iPhone device users, that’s because the iPhone/imap email process doesn’t delete a message from the server after it has been viewed. This so called ‘stacking’ is removing valuable server space from other web services. As from 1st January...