POP3 v IMAP emails – your choice?


We’ve blogged this subject before [Which email type should I use – POP3 or IMAP] but it’s such an important part of your business we thought a follow-up blog was well overdue.

We all take email delivery for granted, PC, Mac, laptop,tablet or phone – they just get delivered, correct?
Of course yes, like the postman delivers every day. But it’s not a simple delivery, an email can take a complicated path and have to get through some officious security. Also, devices, ISPs and device software handle emails in slightly different ways as well.

OHM strongly recommend that all emails are managed using 3rd party hosting like Office 365 because of the increase threat from scam messages and major players like ISPs and device manufacturers increasing security.

Take a look at this video which explains the 2 most popular systems used worldwide.