Summer Newsletter 2022

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Here at Oast House Media we’ve had a long term policy of keeping all our clients informed. The door is always open as the saying goes.

We’ve been sending newsletter to clients for over 10 years with a range of topics from web design to logo design, scams to special offers, competitions to company news and just about anything that may be of interest to a business owner.

summer 2022 web design news letter

Summer 2022 Newsletter

Originally we emailed the business owner directly from our email accounts, but for the past 5 years we’ve used MailChimp.

MailChimp is free to use but we opted for the pro version so we could receive detailed stats about activity especially posts that cause more interest. We can also see who the top readers are and how many click-thrus are completed.

Here’s our summer 2022 newsletter:

Why post news?
Apart from informing our existing clients about what we are doing, prospective new customers can also see how active we are and what we do. But the big bonus is the activity this creates for Google’s clever caching ‘bot’ to find and rate our web pages. The more content and activity the better, that’s why you find directories and shop websites do well when you search for something on Google.

The posts are added weekly to our website and then linked from the MailChimp quarterly newsletter.

“Newsletters are a great way of staying in contact with clients and letting them know what we offer, not all clients use us for web design, we design a lot of logos and design for print” Nigel Stevenson, director.

It you have a large client base like us, we strongly recommend sending an occasional newsletter that might even generate new inquiries.