Web name reseller making it not so easily

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When Oast House Media was incorporated in 2004 we were print and web designers with the trend towards website design. Using our wealth of print management experience we knew we needed to partner with some reliable, good value UK web service suppliers. One such company came highly recommended: www.easily.co.uk

The Oast House Media portfolio of web names were all purchased through easily.co.uk. At the time they were very efficient, good value and most importantly accessible to discuss any issues arising.

Having found a great service we started to recommend easily.co.uk to all our new web design clients who, based on our feedback, commenced their web design process with an easily.co.uk registered web name.

Why didn’t OHM buy web names for their clients?
Initially we did, but we then realised that this was not good for the client, ie: what if something happened to OHM or one of its directors? Remember, web name ‘ownership’ is based on…

  • the registered address of the web name registrant
  • the security set-up (security questions)
  • the contact email address (registrars only contact their customers via an email)

…therefore the client may have paid for the web name but they do not technically own it so we stopped this 3rd party ownership process and insisted clients purchased their web names themselves (and still do).

Now that’s great and good practice for your legal ownership of a web name but what if the web name supplier (also known as a registrar) is bought out or no longer offers that 5 star service?

Newfold Digital (USA) purchased easily.co.uk a few years ago. We noticed the service was slower, less reliable and technically less professional. After an ‘incident’ with one of our web names we moved all our web name portfolio to another UK based registrar.

frustrated with web designSadly the easily.co.uk performance decline continued with Trust Pilot now showing 75% ‘BAD’ (lowest) rating for easily.co.uk and to date 2 of our clients having major problems…

Very difficult to get through to someone on the phone but when you do, they are very pleasant and obviously struggling with the means at their disposal rather than any fault on their part. Easily just do not respond to emails, “full stop”, as the Americans would say. Still had no response to any of about 20 emails over the last 2 or 3 months. Easily is a poor choice of name!

If you can’t renew or have ‘ownership’ issues with a .co.uk web name (or any other ‘UK’ generic top-level domain (GTLD)) it’s not the end of the world, we have Nominet to help us. But .com and all other non-UK web names are a big problem should there be an issue that requires 3rd party intervention.

What can you do to fix the impending problems with easily.co.uk?
Move! and as quickly as possible. We’ve been using a very reliable web name registrar for the past 4 years who are UK based, answer the phone and resolve any web name issues quickly

OK, we said this nearly 20 years ago about easily.co.uk
We can only apologies for any inconvenience caused by easily.co.uk but we do not have any control over the service levels they offer. However, we do have a solution.

Contact us for more about transferring away form easily.co.uk