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website designers in kent construction trades

Website designer in Kent for the building trades

Here at oast House Media we are always striving to offer the best website design service in Kent, but why just Kent?

google ai searches

Google next generation Ai searches 2024

Over the past year Google have been rolling out its next generation Ai search tools, and we’re keeping a close eye on it.

aptos font from microsoft

Bye bye Calibri – Hello Aptos

Calling all Microsoft users, Uncle Bill has decided to change your fonts!

Oast House Media google reviews

Can Google reviews influence local search results?

Absolutely yes they can! Your Google reviews make up approximately 15% of your Google algorithm (the method Google uses to rate your web pages) and include:

photoshop image editing in Kent

Palace retracts ‘manipulated’ images – photoshop editing lesson

We’d wager when Kate posted that lovely photo of her Mothers Day family she didn’t expect the massive fallout from the press about the changes in the image.

live stream radio station web design

Mochafella Radio

Oast House Media have teamed up with Norfolk based radio station Mochafella Radio with a entry level website

godaddy web design conversion in kent

GoDaddy website conversion service

Here at Oast House Media we’ve become increasingly aware of GoDaddy’s customer retention issues.

lockbit ransomware threat to websites

LockBit ransomware threat for web design

The press and social media platforms are giving a lot of airspace to a ransomware threat affecting cyber security – do not panic!

Site map design for local fishing lakes

You may not know this but OHM are not just web designers – we’re also graphic designers!

top of google searches

Top 5 national Google search success

Once we’ve built your amazing website, the holy grail for most business owners is top 10 status on a Google search.