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website designers in kent construction trades

Website designer in Kent for the building trades

Here at oast House Media we are always striving to offer the best website design service in Kent, but why just Kent?

copy writer in kent

New website for Kent based copy writer

Long term client Wendy Stevenson was well overdue a web design update, not that she was in a massive hurry because as OHM co-director Wendy knows clients come first. Well, we found a gap in between projects and quickly put together a new WordPress website design for her copy writing, web content and research business. Find our more about Wendy Stevenson’s copy writing services for Kent businesses see website:

How much do web designers charge

How much do web designers charge?

What is the right price to pay for a business website?

ng harris new website design in kent

NG Harris new holistic website design

Another international client found their way to OHM this week and we pulled out all the stops with… an online enquiry on the Monday logo design completed and signed off Tuesday draft web design Wednesday website live on Thursday Well, the client was in a hurry so we jiggled a few things around to accommodate plus the clients brief was very good, in fact the logo design had already been drafted using PowerPoint, all we had to do was create a match in our professional design program Adobe Illustrator so we can export all future file requirements (web, print, signage). We even managed to keep costs to the minimum by...

victorian fireplace new website

Old Victorian Fireplace website goes up in smoke

Probably one of our oldest web clients, The Victorian Fireplace based in Canterbury have been with us from the very beginning of web design. Their 3rd reincarnation is not only the best but the most flexible design using the WordPress platform for Google and mobile device conformity. The owner Jon Griffith is very particular about the design with a fleet of vans, signage and stationery all using the same corporate design, we had to create as close a match as possible. There is more work to be completed and content changes in the pipeline but with WordPress and our free WordPress training package, Jon will get his perfect match (our...

faversham welbeing new wordpress website

Faversham Wellbeing hub web design

You may remember a few weeks ago we designed a new WordPress web design for Faversham based chiropodist Faversham Feet? Well we must have done a good job because the business owner Gemma got together with some like minded local health service providers and asked for a new web design called Faversham Wellbeing. The first part of the design was a new logo design, a great design brief from the new clients helped with that process and from that the new website was created and live within a few days. The logo was created using Adobe Illustrator in a vector format that covers all future use inc: print, web, signage...

barton forestry services in kent web design

3rd website for logging company, page 1 on Google in less than 24hrs

We must be doing something right, this is the third website for local woodsman John Barton. This new WordPress web design is for his new Barton Forestry Services in Kent. John and his family have no time for the web content so we got a free swing at all the design and content including: New logo design Copy writing and Google SEO Page layout and design In fact all John supplied was a handful of photos! The logo had to represent the company name which we also assisted with completing web and company house searches to make sure there was no conflict. Copy writing is an additional service we offer...

bionic reading

Bionic Reading, helping dyslexic disability access

Many years ago we revealed to our clients a new disability access font aimed at helping folk with dyslexia [see: ‘dyslexiefont‘ September 2015]. Now there’s another method to help struggling readers and it’s called ‘Bionic Reading‘. As with Dyslexiefont, Bionic Reading is a method of helping the eye to identify and remember words using bold segments. This especially helps with longer documents, speeding up the reading process. As the brain learns the protocol your brain starts to recognise the bold part of the word and works the rest out for itself. For example, the last paragraph above would visual look like this using the Bionic Reading method: As with Dyslexiefont,...

root home renovations logo design

New logo design for new business

Logo’s coming in thick and fast as we tweak our Google SEO keywords. Roots Home Renovation business owner saved himself a shed load of time and money by delivering a very good brief for their new logo. Embracing renewable vibes with property care, the new design can be used for all media inc: web, print, signage and workwear. When designing a logo it is important to consider future use which may also include different colour backgrounds such as workwear and vehicles. Print and web are usually white backgrounds but vehicles and clothing can be dark substraights so an alternative design is always worth considering. Likewise, a ‘mono’ version could be...

ask web design scaffolders in kent

New website for Kent based Scaffolders

Another existing client referral, ASK scaffolding services are based in Thanet covering all of Kent. They specialise in residential, commercial and specialist scaffolding projects, something owner Tom Brown want to emphasise on his new WordPress website design. So, rather than bunch all the services on to one page, OHM suggested that the residential, commercial and specialist scaffolding sections have their own pages. This enables a greater scope for keyword phrase use thus enhancing Google search engine optimisation (SEO) requirements. OHM also contacted the logo designers and used their new design corporate colours in the style of the web pages, see holistic web design. As the client works on future scaffolding projects,...