Bye Bye Blackberry

blackberry discontinued in kent

We all see mobile technology as a recent innovation but a market leader has already disappeared – Blackberry!

Did you own a Blackberry mobile?
If you’re of a certain age the answer is almost certainly yes. Physical keyboard, easy to use, aesthetically pleasing to the eye, compact, Blackberry was the market leader for many years. But what happened?

Then came the iPhone
Full touch screen and a raft of apps, the iPhone smashed Blackberry off the park. Blackberry were slow to react and took years to match the levels of tech and design the iPhones offered. Steve Jobs legendary presentations ridiculed his competitor, and they had no answer.

The lesson here for any business is follow the trend or even stay one step ahead. Innovation is all around us every day. 5G, EV, 3D print, Cloud services, e-Currencies etc etc. Mobile phones are now used more for web searches than traditional desktop devices like PCs and laptops. We’ve known this since 2015 because Google told us so, and told us to start building mobile friendly websites – or else. Don’t be a Blackberry!

See the Blackberry story:

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