Web design enquiries increase as Covid 19 focuses business owners

There is no doubt that as predicted in our late March 20 news blog “Covid 19, an opportunity not to be missed?” the enforced lock-down has re-focused business owners and their web presence. Just this week we’ve had several new web design enquiries and 2 e-commerce shop requests for quotes. As we convert these to actual live accounts we will add to our new clients new posts

There’s also the massive increase in web activity as isolated families/businesses look to find what they want on-line, many of these folk are first time users. At the moment, relying on the old ‘word of mouth’ referral simply will not cut it any more.

An example of an enquiry this week is a garden centre in East Kent with only a very basic and out of date web presence, they are getting hundred of calls but no website to showcase their stock. Every enquiry is a painful process of:

‘yes we have them in stock, I can’t describe over the phone, how many do you want, yes we can deliver, what’s your address, can I have you card details, thanks that’s all gone thru etc’

If the business owner had their stock on-line, this 10 minute call would be replace by 1 email confirming the order, address, payment and processed in seconds.

With Covid 19 (as of 18-4-2020) set to keep us in lock-down for another 3 weeks and talk of further lock downs in the future, on-line sales and access to services is going to boom.


  • Are you ready?
  • Are you page 1 of Google?
  • Is your web content up to date (contact details, services, news etc)

If you answer no to any of these you need to act fast to take advantage of this lock down web frenzy

Call Nigel: 07931 376255 to discuss your web presence and how to survive Covid 19 on-line.