Covid 19, an opportunity not to be missed?

Firstly, can we wish you well for the coming weeks. Covid 19 is biting deep into businesses as we see many of our clients forced to close their operations after BoJo’s statement last night (23-3-20). I think we can all see that long term it’s for the good but what are the advantages of a business lock down?

The good news, your website will carry on working for you 24/7, enquiries may dry up for a while but Google will carry on checking your pages and re-caching content. Experts predict a big trend towards on-line sales as more people are forced to use websites to purchase items. The fall out will be an increase in internet activity away (unfortunately) from the traditional retail outlets that have been forced to close.

Self isolation is going to be a big trial for most folk so social media and web searches are going to become very active. Over the next few weeks internet activity will go through the roof.

As a business owner and looking to the near Covid 19 free future, is your website sending the right message, is it up to date, have you got something to say that could give a potential new client the confidence to make contact.

This window of inactivity is a great time to consider your businesses presence, give some thought to…

  • updating text and image content.
  • refreshing the ‘look and feel’.
  • adding pages to
    • a. show in more detail about what you do and
    • b. give Google more specific keyword content.
  • the areas you cover, are you visible in your catchment.

Call anytime to discuss your website, it’s all free and will help you re-build your website presence.

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