Web browser trends have changed

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What web browser do you use?
Firstly, what is a web browser, “A web browser (also referred to as an Internet browser or simply a browser) is application software for accessing the World Wide Web” (Wiki)

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Most PCs are supplied with the Microsoft web browser called Internet Explorer (IE) which 10 years ago was the most popular access app for the internet, but trends have massively changed.

As you can see from the world map, in 2012 Bill Gates had managed to saturate the PC market with his IE browser, you’ll also notice the the Mac default browser called Safari is knower to be seen.

Eight years later and the picture has completely changed. If in that period you were a an IE user you will know why – the competition was better. The best of the chasing pack was Google Chrome. Apart from the global presence of Google branding, Chrome had a ‘low hardware footprint’, in other words, it didn’t impact as much as other browsers on RAM and CPU resources and now enjoys over 3.2 billion users.

But the global domination battle for browsers continues with the new Microsoft Edge app proving popular (and default on new PC purchases).

  1. Google Chrome 3,2000,000,000
  2. Safari 940,000,000
  3. Firefox 180,000,000
  4. MS Edge 170,000,000
  5. Samsung Internet 166,000,000
  6. Opera 112,000,000

Here at Oast House Media we use Firefox which has some nice apps for our dev work and links to our phones/laptops. It’s all about choice, experience and the devices you use. So don’t just use the default browser supplied, download the others and give them a go. We have all these browsers loaded on our dev devices so we can test website designs and the various plug-ins we install.

courtesy www.journeyranger.com/stories/unusual-maps-of-the-world