Query Deserves Freshness (QDF) puts OHM blog top of Google

top of google SEO in Kent

2 days after publishing this news blog [oasthousemedia.co.uk/web-browser-trends-have-changed – 16-8-22] it went top of Google out of 2.22 million results, this was probably a Google reaction to a popular ‘news’ search on an active website.

We’ve blogged about this Google search algorithm in the past, it’s call ‘Query Deserves Freshness (QDF)’, a Google re-ranking function that ranks popular subjects (ie: news) in order of ‘freshness’.

What this means is if you use WordPress’s powerful post publishing feature you can put your web pages top of Google even if the competition is corporate and the results in millions.

Unfortunately it’s a brief moment of fame that will be replaced by the next relevant article Google caches but like our blog there’s a real possibility of national profile if you find the right subject.

How to put your web page top of Google in 48hrs

  • select a new/blog subject that is trending in the UK and relevant to your website
  • create a post including an image (image title and alt tag must also be relevantly worded), more words the better, minimum 100
  • publish and ensure the ‘teaser’ is on the home page or bottom of all pages
  • 48 hours later, using ‘incognito/private’ browser mode, search the title of your blog

hopefully your news/blog will profile like this…

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