Google Reverse Image Searches

google image search

Did you know you can search for images using an image?

‘Google Images’ is a search engine that analyses an uploaded image using color, orientation, pixel patterns and size.  It was created by Google in 2001 due to a search spike for pictures of the green Versace dress worn by Jennifer Lopez in February 2000 [full story].

Further development of the search algorithm enabled Google to reduce exposure to offensive imagery and add value to search depth including illegal image use. Here at Oast House Media we are very careful not to compromise copyright and IP law, sourcing our images from copyright free (creative commons) libraries

How to use the image search


  1. Go to and click on the ‘images’ link
    image search google
  2. Click on the camera icon
  3. Select the ‘upload an image’ tab and then click on the ‘browse’ button
  4. Select an image from your device archive, click ‘open’. Google will then upload/search the image
  5. Scroll through the results to find a match, open the image search results in full by clicking the image icon left of frame title
  6. Click on the matching image to take you to the web page using the image.