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Top 5 national Google search success

Once we’ve built your amazing website, the holy grail for most business owners is top 10 status on a Google search.

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What words get a no result on Google searches, the !! story

There aren’t many searches that result in “Your search did not match any documents” on Google and as the worlds biggest search engine refines its search algorithms it’s unlikely to be beaten – or is it? Many years ago in the early days of search engine optimisation development we discovered that the first letter of the keyboard alphabet is not an ‘A’ as we all assume, but ‘!’ – the exclamation mark. With this knowledge it was easy to trick simple search engines if we used the exclamation mark as part of the title or reference text cached by the search database. For example we were top of all searches...

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How to monitor and manipulate your Google position!

We’ve just completed a comprehensive search on Google using 3 devices and the same ‘website design’ based search terms. It’s something we’ve been doing for years and strongly recommend to all our clients using a list of pre-agreed search terms like our ‘website designers in Kent‘ sample. On the table below you can see in the first column: search text, this is the list of terms you think folk will use to find you. Initially this may be a bit hit or miss but by asking your customers ‘how did you find us’ you can usually deduce the common terms. In the second column I’m showing the results on a...

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Google misery index

It will come as no surprise to read that Google can also see how miserable we are. Despite your initial thoughts on this subject December is not a bad time to talk about misery as the festive month is the least depressing.

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Keeping a log of your website position on Google

How do you know if your website is doing well on Google? Google analytics is the obvious answer but manual checking gives you a different picture. Every 14 day we check the position of our main website using a ‘benchmark’ process.