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It will come as no surprise to read that Google can also see how miserable we are. Despite your initial thoughts on this subject December is not a bad time to talk about misery as the festive month is the least depressing.

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Based on search requests it is possible to plot how well we are feeling! The latest survey was compiled by The Washington Post and makes for some interesting reading…

“Among the five search terms comprising the index, “depression” and “stress” show the most day-to-day variation. Pain and anxiety peak on Mondays, stress and depression on Tuesdays, and fatigue on Wednesday. Searches for all terms drop sharply going into the weekend and then edge back upward on Sunday.”

See full report with graphs:

Other factors don’t help, for example the weather, especially the shortening hours of daylight so you would think the spring months would show a less depressing trend. Apparently not.

March through to April show the highest search levels for the 5 targeted keywords which according to the experts correlates with known depression trends.

This is of course great information for marketing companies selling related remedies and if these trends can now be accurately plotted, buy anti anxiety medication uk, what else can be researched and converted into sales?

Happy Christmas