Google app searches continue to deliver different results

reactive google friendly website designers

Since last April 2015 when Google officially changed to its ‘mobile friendly’ web page requirements we’ve been monitoring our own search terms using our unique keyword benchmark techniques

Our first full test was completed back in March 16, we’ve just completed another deep search with some interesting results.

See table…
The first set of searches were competed on a desktop PC (not mobile) and then using the same search terms on the office HTC M8 mobile phone using the popular Google app. You can see that the mobile device is influenced by our ‘mobile friendly’ website and continued SEO policy of refreshing data (usually using news posts)

Keyword search string Desktop (page/place) HTC M8 phone (page/place) +/- change
website designers in kent   1-4 1-3 +1
website designers in east kent  1-2 1-1 +1
website designers in deal kent  1-4 1-3 +1
web designer in kent  1-6 1-3 +3
web designer in east kent   1-2 1-2 +0
web designer in deal kent   1-5 1-2 +3
web designer kent 1-7 1-3 +4
web designer east kent  1-3 1-3 +0
web designer deal kent   1-5 1-2 +3
website logo designers in kent   2-9 1-9 +10
website logo designers in east kent 1-9 1-4 +5
website logo designers in deal kent   1-7 1-4 +3

google website designer in kent results pageThe object of the exercise is to see if Google really is giving a preference to a ‘mobile friendly’ website on a search from a mobile device, the answer as you can see is a resounding YES!

In conclusion
If your website is not mobile friendly your competitors will be taking your sales as more that 50% of ALL search are now completed when mobile using a mobile phone/tablet device.