National SEO campaign commission kicks up a stink!

Local sewage pump company A and C Pumps based in Nonnington are one of the UK’s top pump re-sellers in the UK. Their pump systems are in use all over the country from individual properties with a flood problem to housing and industrial sites in a floodplain. They’re not the sort of hardware you would see anywhere unless you knew where to look as they are usually underground which is also an issue with their web profile.

As with many companies we have a lot of success with unique trade keywords and geographical location, so for example if you Google “sewage pumping stations in Kent” our client is page one, site number one


But remove the “in Kent” and they slip to page two. This is because there is more competition nationally than there is in Kent. Our campaign starts this month and we’ve been given 10 keyword strings to promote on Google using our tried and tested SEO techniques.

How much does this cost?
Depending on the number of search terms and our assessment of competition, we can deliver a search campaign from just £100 per month*. The agreement is success driven with cheap pills mental health bonuses for achieving set goals. The better the performance, more traffic comes to your website and you receive more inquiries.

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*as of June 2016. Prices may vary depending on campaign requirements