Category: Ai (Artificial Intelligence)

google ai searches

Google next generation Ai searches 2024

Over the past year Google have been rolling out its next generation Ai search tools, and we’re keeping a close eye on it.

lockbit ransomware threat to websites

LockBit ransomware threat for web design

The press and social media platforms are giving a lot of airspace to a ransomware threat affecting cyber security – do not panic!

Ai copyright law in kent

Who owns the copyright for Ai generated content?

Oast House Media have been working with Boxall IPM based in Sandwich for many years.

ai video creation in kent

Ai video creation – video sample

Ai is all around us but how can businesses use it? Here at OHM we already use Ai to create some of our text used on web page – see blogg. Now we’re dabbling with Ai videos using the Synthesia app []. It is very cool!

Password security best practice

The front line of your device and program security is your password. Gone are the days using your pet’s name or favorite football team!

most popular websites in kent

History of the most popular websites in the world

Looking back on the most popular websites, there are some big names that disappeared!

ai used for copy writing on websites in kent

Ai web content creation with ChatGPT

OHM have been creating content (copy writing) for web pages, posts and social media for many years but recently we’ve become aware of a new concept and it’s FREE!