Google next generation Ai searches 2024

google ai searches

Over the past year Google have been rolling out its next generation Ai search tools, and we’re keeping a close eye on it.

Generative Ai for overviews and follow-up questions: Google is piloting a program utilising generative Ai to provide summaries of search results and enable you to ask follow-up questions within the search engine itself. This is currently available on Android devices in the US for some searches, but Google is likely planning to expand it further very soon.

Ai-powered Multi-search: Google Lens integrates Ai to allow you to search using images and text together. You can point your phone camera at an object, upload a photo, or take a screenshot, and ask a question about it.

You can draw a circle around an object within the image and Google with search/deliver results for that item, see “circle to search”

The Ai will not just find similar images but provide insights related to your question. This feature is now available in the US and for users enrolled in the Search Generative Experience (SGE) program outside the US.

Generally improving Search: Google continuously improves its core search algorithm using Ai, aiming to better understand your search queries and deliver the most relevant results.

ref: equinox

There’s also an interesting separate Chrome extension called Ai Search, but it’s not a Google product. This extension focuses on filtering out ads and SEO-manipulated content to deliver organic search results. Now this is very interesting and refers back to Googles hate of being tricked or manipulated. So if you’ve got some ‘black hat’ activities on your web pages, look out, Google’s Ai is about!