The stats stack up – Desktop v Mobile web pages

medical portfolio paypal stats dec 2019December 2019 was a very good month for our medical stationery client, record sales through our e-commerce web site proving the web design and Google SEO is working well for this long term client.

Here at OHM we’ve been aware for many years that a lot of page previews come from browsers using mobile devices, this PayPal report confirms this and more. There’s a massive shift to mobile searches and payments.

One of the reason folk have more confidence with mobile payments is the relatively new bank apps and PayPal’s domination of the free payment transaction market. These PayPal accounts are of course not free to the shop owner, in fact the transactions can carry a hefty 3% commission charge but there is no monthly fees making PayPal very popular with smaller businesses.

So, mobile phone technology, wifi and 4G coverage, confidence and the convenience of a mobile phone have made mobile on-line shopping very popular and is predicted to increase.

‘Responsive’ (mobile friendly)
But don’t forget this website is ‘responsive’ (mobile friendly) and the WordPress / Woo- commerce platforms adapt the content with the theme and various plug-ins so the content can be viewed on any device.

IMPORTANT: If you’re website is not ‘responsive’, you will be penalised by Google and losing valuable traffic to your web pages!

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