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Killed by Google

Following up from our news blog about Google shutting down its web design services [March 2024]

Google is shutting down websites made with Business Profiles

Google is shutting down

Google have recently decided to reduce it’s online web design commitment and close it’s ‘Business Profile’ web designs.

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How to monitor and manipulate your Google position!

We’ve just completed a comprehensive search on Google using 3 devices and the same ‘website design’ based search terms. It’s something we’ve been doing for years and strongly recommend to all our clients using a list of pre-agreed search terms like our ‘website designers in Kent‘ sample. On the table below you can see in the first column: search text, this is the list of terms you think folk will use to find you. Initially this may be a bit hit or miss but by asking your customers ‘how did you find us’ you can usually deduce the common terms. In the second column I’m showing the results on a...

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New website designs flooding in!

No pun intended! It’s been a terrible week for weather in East Kent but for some reason many existing clients have spent the Christmas break seriously thinking about their website designs and contacting us for re-design prices and delivery. Back in November we issued a special offer to selected clients with older websites that we thought needed a makeover. The offer went very well and as you can see from past post like Padfield Thatchers, we’ve already started to deliver the new Google mobile friendly responsive website designs. We’ve also had a few new clients join us and proposals are still out waiting for approval – looking good for 2016....

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Looking for website designers in Deal?

There are more small business owners per head in the Deal, Kent area than any other area in the UK and they all want their website designs to be top of Google! And why not? We’ve have 6 construction trade (general builder) clients on our books, and they all enjoy page 1 or 2 position for (example) ‘builders in East Kent’. They can’t all be site 1, page 1 but it’s nice to see them all doing well. Our unique SEO set-up process and a good knowledge of Google’s SEO requirements allows us to tell our clients exactly how to go top and stay there – it’s then up to...