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victorian fireplace new website

Old Victorian Fireplace website goes up in smoke

Probably one of our oldest web clients, The Victorian Fireplace based in Canterbury have been with us from the very beginning of web design. Their 3rd reincarnation is not only the best but the most flexible design using the WordPress platform for Google and mobile device conformity. The owner Jon Griffith is very particular about the design with a fleet of vans, signage and stationery all using the same corporate design, we had to create as close a match as possible. There is more work to be completed and content changes in the pipeline but with WordPress and our free WordPress training package, Jon will get his perfect match (our...

google how does it work in kent

Google: How does it work?

Google is a multinational technology company known primarily for its search engine, which is one of the most widely used search engines in the world.

operator compliance

Spy in the cab website in the fast lane (update)

The tachograph has been euphemistically called the ‘the spy in the cab’ for years but did you know it was originally used on trains? The Daniel Tachometer was used on railways in 1844 and in 1985 tachographs were mandatory throughout the EEC for commercial trucks. I’m not saying that Faversham based Operator Compliance owner Clive Glaze has been specialising in Tachograph Analysis since 1844 but he certainly packs in the knowledge with over 20 years in the business. As an existing client we offered Clive a ‘like-for-like’ conversion to a Google mobile friendly ‘responsive’ website design last year (2015) through our regular client newsletters. With the transport trade mostly using...

Matt Cutts Google

Google search result ‘Snippets’ and how they work

Google calls the results you see on their search pages ‘snippets’, a cute little name for probably one of the most important areas of your website. But where is the content Google uses? Google uses sophisticated search programs to cache text from your website and one of the most important areas are the <title> and <description> tag areas. Google has rules about their use and to compound the problem you can’t edit them without the correct tools. Our WordPress website design platform is configured with a tool for adding/editing the <title> and <description> tags, it looks like this: Let me explain: A = The simulated view on a Google search results...

WordPress website designs

WordPress website designs

Since Google launched its new ‘mobile friendly website design’ policy back in April (2015) we have been inundated with request from existing clients and new customers for ‘reactive’ website designs.