Slow loading web pages to be penalised by Google

Google have announced that their Chrome browser will soon be monitoring websites that are slow loading. A warning message will be displayed to let you know the website they are attempting to view could take a while to load.

This will typically affect websites with large amounts of content especially images. We see this as a bit of a retrograde decision with so many countries now enjoying quick broadband speeds but there is a possible data use issue so lite websites could save Google a lot of money.

Here at Oast House Media we have been aware of image size for some time and filter all images supplied for our website design services. The most common image file format used on the web is a JPG file. A JPG or JPEG file can be edited to fit the page size and compressed to reduce the file size. We also use auto-file size reduction plug-ins to help clients editing their own pages – we do not expect clients to have the tools or knowledge to be able to do this themselves.

We wont know the full impact of this new process until it’s fully launched but if Google get tough on cumbersome websites, other browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari will be sure to follow.