Office 365 gains popularity with clients

Emails remain the biggest issue for most full support web design companies. Traditionally Oast House Media have offered email services in parallel with web hosting for free which has worked fine for years but an increasing group of clients require a better, more sophisticated email solution especially those who use their emails on mobile devices.

Facebook messenger and Whatsapp are leading the mobile device comms game and have unintentionally dragged emails with them but emails have additional benefits like attachments, CC and BCC tagging, email formatting, links, multi source image embed to name a few advanced attributes the aforementioned cant do.

There are 2 common email formats that can also influence the delivery process for email, iMap and Pop3, both have been around for many years but the former (iMap) can cause email stacking issues on servers if not managed correctly as they are also used my mobile phones.

POP doesn’t synchronise mail between devices which makes it hard to keep track of what you have and dealt with.

IMAP overcomes this however server space is generally limited and mailboxes usually fill quickly resulting in delivery failures. All in all, a potential disaster for supplier and client and we haven’t even covered spam and virus threats! Microsoft 365 mailboxes give 50GB of storage as standard which is plenty and more than enough for even the most demanding business activity.

A dedicated email platform that delivers and manages secure emails from high volume servers for all devices, platforms and users.
Here at OHM we’ve been using Microsoft Office 365 and our package of choice also includes MS Word, Excel, Outlook and a terabyte of cloud space but the base package is only 16p per day.

A few clients have also migrated to Office365 without issue and now enjoy:

  • reduced spam in their inbox
  • filtered email based on intuitive use patterns (365 learns your regular senders)
  • out of office automatic reply
  • calendar and appointment sharing
  • synchronised reminders
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook programs (fully licensed and updated monthly)
  • One terabyte (1TB) of cloud space enabling offsite access to work data
  • Ongoing support
  • Low costs

Office 365 tool bar (PC)

Desktop or mobile
The Outlook email program has some great add-on that come in the box like ‘read aloud’, highlight the text and click on the read button, anti-spam filters, sender blocking, address book and quick links to speed up the day to day actions.

Office 365 mobile (Android or iPhone)

The mobile app is a free download and synchronises with your desk top device so no need to worry about losing emails, you can also email yourself like this screen grab sample that the author sent from their phone to the desktop computer used to create this blog.

  • integrates across most platforms such as Windows, MacOS, iOS
  • seamless integration with Microsoft Office desktop programs
  • many features, stable service and everything syncs on all devices
  • desktop programs such as Outlook (email) and Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote
  • dedicated platform created by Microsoft (Exchange)
  • Skype for Business, OneDrive, Forms, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint

We would strongly endorse this email and multi-program package for use in and out of the office.

Contact us for more information about Office 365 and how to get started.