Post comments spam hack on WordPress

Post comments can be a gateway for spam. All posts have a comments option for feedback, when we set up posts for all clients we turn off this comments box to stop spammers adding content. We are now having to change the ‘settings/discussion’ settings to stop hackers adding comments to your posts.

So keep an eye on the Dashboard ‘comments’ section and if you see something like this example contact us and we can do a quick fix without charge

spam commments on wordpress

Why does this happen?
Historically WordPress is a blogging platform that morphed into web design. The page post system used to blog is a unique and very powerful way of adding pages to websites that can preview anywhere (usually the home page) on a website.

Post spammers use the comments box (that defaults to all posts) to add spam content, a bit like a spam email. We can block this using the settings rules.