New look Oast House Media

oast house media new wordpress website redesign

The original WordPress web design has been around for over 8 years, that’s way to long for a website! So we simply had to make the time for a website redesign.

The process starts with copying the existing web pages and creating what we call a ‘staging’ website, in other words a copy. Having copied the content we could ‘re-skin’ with a new theme from our portfolio of over 300 designs.

new logo design for oast house media web designersPart way through that process we realized the company logo design also required some TLC, after several attempts we finally got the colors and fonts correct without losing too much of the existing ‘corporate look and feel’.

Having selected the theme we then had to check it worked with the existing content and using on-line tools check the integrity of the pages and posts (broken links, missing files and images)

With a new design, logo and health check completed, we relaunched the website ready for the Easter 2023 traditional increase in enquiries.

see website:

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