Legitimate emails going to junk folders

email quaratine list

Just had a client complaining that here marketing emails to bulk and individual recipients are not being delivered, or going to the junk folder! The samples we looked at were OK but contained ‘trigger’ words (and attachments) that some spam detection software will pick up like ‘special offer’ for example. There are probably more reasons why a message shouldn’t reach its destination than you can imagine, a long list of tick boxes every message has to get through.

  • Using a public email address is almost certain to get filtered (like a yahoo or hotmail acc).
  • Some attachments are not accepted, email formatting comes into the equation as well.
  • Government and larger corporations use ‘firewalls’ to intercept emails and check them using blacklisting subscription websites to identify rogue senders.
  • Country of origin can also make a difference so check where your email IP address is.
  • Messages not using an IP address like an email forwarder are also now being dumped by BT (see BT article from last month).

We use MailChimp for all our newsletters now to avoid causing problems on our servers. MailChimp is free and you get really good analytic info on the recipient responses so you can gauge interest.

  • Here’s their best practice guideline for their email users: mailchimp.com
  • Here’s what the ICO say – it’s the law!: www.gov.uk

ICO email law

So the client sending emails with heavyweight marketing content is likely to get junked. The answer? Be careful with content and attachments and never send to someone who hasn’t requested an email. Get your email address white-listed by potential recipients and keep it brief.

Long term we can see emails being replaced! in some establishments it is already happening and going back to paper correspondence.

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