BT blocking emails

Over the past few weeks we’ve had several clients complaining that their emails are either not been delivered or received. The latest client complaining about the same delivery  issue said his contact page form was not being received.

In ALL cases the common denominators were

  • BT was the ISP (internet service provider)
  • The email was a forwarder*

On investigation we discovered that BT is blocking email forwarders, many other email providers like us are complaining about the changes and lack of information coming from the BT source. Here’s a good illustration of the issues Heart Internet are having this year.

Sample incident report:

email hostingWhat to do?
If you use forwarders you need to change to pop3/imap

How do I find out if my email is a forwarder?
If you take delivery of emails on a private account from a “” type email address – it’s a forwarder

How much will it cost?
Nothing, emails are a FREE service from us but you may need to get someone to assist setting up the account on your device(s). Contact us if you’re having a problem

You could be losing business especially if, like the client who called today, you use a form on a contacts page with an email forwarder.



Update (8-12-16): some clients are saying their private email accounts (ie: hotmail) are not getting delivered either

*forwarding emails are email accounts that use the clients web name, that forward to another, usually private, email account