Green energy web designers in Kent

green web designers in kent

Like many business owners the recent energy price scare has instigated a price check. It’s not good news for a lot of us as gas and electric prices eat into profit margins. But some good news, web design is a very green media compared with others like print and signage.

Our office energy consumption is less than £100 a year! We try to meet online to save travel costs and all training is now completed online since Covid 19 requires non-contact business relationships. We still meet some clients face to face and MD Nigel Stevenson will always insist on meeting new website design clients personally.

Our Data Centre servers also consume very little energy and the WWW is also a low energy media with a small router to supply most users. Our suppliers have a green energy policies striving to become 100% green and powered by renewable energy.

It’s nice to know we can supply a professional web design service with minimal impact on the environment.