Website editorial printed by local press

local newpaper web design editorial

Deal and Walmer Chamber of Trade were so impressed with our first editorial for the local press page, they asked us for another. This article is about websites representing your business and the affect a cheap design has on your sales potential. Here’s the content…

Your website is your business card

Do you remember the motorway service station business card printers? For a few pence you could quickly print a business card to take to your meeting. The problem was they looked cheap and didn’t represent your business in the right light.

The new business card of today is your website but the same dilemma exists for business owners. It is possible to buy a cheap website these days, not at a motorway service station but from overseas using library text and images, possibly even a generic logo. But it won’t work on Google and it doesn’t represent your business.

Oast House Media based in Deal in partnership with GoTop (Google) SEO is your business dream ticket for a full colour, custom built, high ranking, easy to use web presence.

The old saying “buy cheap, buy twice” is so true if you make the wrong decision

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