email signature graphics – FREE design offer for OHM clients

signature design service for emails

Emails are an important part of your business stationery, used every day, when you make first contact they are also your e-card and if you’re a limited company they must have legal information in them (ICO requirement since 2007!).

Logo, telephone numbers, web addresses and the small print all goes into what the techs call the ‘signature’. Creating a signature is (if you know how to do it) very straight forward. Most email programs have a signature design area that allows you to create your own signature with images, links and formatting, here’s the Oast House Media Christmas design using Outlook in Office365.

email signature design

But be careful, signatures must be small in file size, legal and not contain anything that could be gleamed as spam. If using your logo as a graphic, repeat the company name in text as some recipient filters remove images. Most importantly be clear and transparent. Also, remember you can make your ‘reply’ signature email different.

Finally, unfortunately you can not add images to mobile signatures.

Special Offer
Oast House Media offer a signature design service. If you know how to set up your own but are struggling with the logo graphic contact us and as long as it’s simple, we’ll do it for FREE!