East Kent based wedding video company – new website design

east kent video website design

The wedding trades in Kent are a great bunch of guys to design websites for, they call them ‘the wedding mafia’ because they work in packs, hunting down that elusive prey – the loving couple!


Why are they a great bunch to work for?
They know exactly what they want and on the whole, supply top quality imagery, videos and copy. They are also on very tight budgets because this is one of the business sectors that’s shrinking, that’s ideal for us at OHM with our best price policy for website design in Kent.

east kent video website design sample page

Chris Hewitt, owner of Kent Wedding Video is no exception to the rules offering couples the unique wedding video experience, and it was immediately clear that the conversion from his old self-built site to the new WordPress design was going to be an absolute pleasure.

But no! There was a problem and a quick fix was required.
The wedding video streaming platform was supplied by Vimeo, very popular with the videographer trades. The issue with Vimeo is their video streams are NOT ‘responsive’, in other words mobile friendly. This is a major requirement these days on Google, without a ‘responsive’ design Google could penalise the website.

OHM found a 3rd party coding fix and all was saved. We also re-designed the logo for Chris at no additional charge!

logo design for east kent wedding videos

see website: eastkentweddingvideo.co.uk