Corporate design for businesses (SMEs)

logo design for websites in kent

We have been designing logos for many years, much longer than web designs. Originally logos were only used for printing and workwear but since websites have evolved we now have to consider logo design for screens.

There is a hierarchy of design quality defined by the end media resolution, measured in dots-per-inch (dpi)

  1. Signage (vector cut)
    Vinyl and plastic/metal signs
    colour groups: material dependent
  2. Printing (300dpi)
    Wide format printed posters and banners to business cards and news print. Screen printing also falls into this category for product branding
    colour groups: CMYK, spot/ink colours
  3. Web screen (72dpi)
    Wide screen to mobile devices, projector presentations also need consideration
    colour groups: RGB, Hex, HSL
  4. Workwear (42 stitches per inch)
    Probably the lowest resolution your logo will be used,  colour defined by thread colors and paterns

As you can see, your logo has to be designed so it can be used for all the above on a number of substraights (paper/screen/material etc).

corporate logo designers in kent

example of our corporate logo design covering core design skills

Our design process starts with present logo use and then possible future use, for example a builder may need his logo for:

  • vehicle graphics/sign boards
  • workwear
  • business cards and flyers
  • website and social media

Here at Oast House Media we create our logos using Adobe Illustrator, the trade tool for graphic design that allows us to export our clients logo design to any end use supplier

See our Corporate Design Consultancy website for more information and our logo design gallery