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lockbit ransomware threat to websites

LockBit ransomware threat for web design

The press and social media platforms are giving a lot of airspace to a ransomware threat affecting cyber security – do not panic!

Ofsted Inspection Notification Kit for schools OiNK

OfSted Inspection Notification Kit for schools (OiNK)

Great news for schools staff! Oast House Media (schools web design service) have created web based system that notifies the school managers of an impending visit to their school,

Password security best practice

The front line of your device and program security is your password. Gone are the days using your pet’s name or favorite football team!

Client email server upgrade December 2022 migration information

As you are aware (clients), we are upgrading our email server. Emails have always been a FREE service offered to all new web design clients. To continue this service we are migrating your email account(s) and website to a new server. Why are we upgrading? Servers (like computers) become obsolete as technology, support and security move forward. Our present server has been deemed by our hosts as getting to it’s end date so to ensure the best support, a new server is required. How does the upgrade/migration affect the client? In theory there will be very little disruption to your email traffic as the transfer process is a mirror of...

disable right click copy

Protect your web content – disable right click

One of the big problems with website content (text and mages) is theft! It is all too easy to copy and paste from a web page to a document on your computer. For most this is not a malicious action, school project, personal message, social media for example. But in a few cases copying content from web pages is for commercial gain. OHM director Nigel Stevenson is also listed on Google as a Media Consultant using his website as a platform to showcase his media knowledge. Most of the content in his web pages are extracts from his book “On your marks” – a designers guide. ISBN 978-0-9926886-0-8. The...

castle security shredding new website re-design

Deal based shredding services new web design

This is the second of three re-designs for Deal based security shredding company Castles. Since GDPR security shredding has become a very important part of our office procedures, Castles offer certified level 3 shredding for commercial documents but also extend this service to domestic use but their old site was looking a bit tired. Oast House Media have used Castles Security Shredding in the past – pickup, shred, disposal. For owner Peter Varrall it was important to convey all aspect of their shredding process on the re-designed website, especially the home page. OHM re-design the new web page adding images and links to the relevant pages. This will also enhance...

new IT partner for Oast House Media

New IT support partner

Oast House Media have always worked closely with IT companies. Having a good safety net for this service is vital for us as we get many enquiries from our clients about: emails (especially iPhone users) anti-spam/junk emails broadband connectivity laptop, PC and phone repairs telecoms A few of our clients already have some form of IT support but the vast majority call us! For the record, OHM does have a general understanding about the above but we do not have the skill levels most technical issues throw up, that’s why we use a trusted IT partner and in this case an IT expert recommended by one of our Thanet based...

Post comments spam hack on WordPress

Post comments can be a gateway for spam. All posts have a comments option for feedback, when we set up posts for all clients we turn off this comments box to stop spammers adding content. We are now having to change the ‘settings/discussion’ settings to stop hackers adding comments to your posts. So keep an eye on the Dashboard ‘comments’ section and if you see something like this example contact us and we can do a quick fix without charge Why does this happen? Historically WordPress is a blogging platform that morphed into web design. The page post system used to blog is a unique and very powerful way of...

email cyber hacking east kent

Have you been hacked?

The cyber security company Avast claim that 29,271,842,390 passwords have been stolen recently, mainly from emails accounts. Problem is you don’t know this is going on or where the information is being used. Some of the big attacks run into millions of addresses that are sold on the dark web. I think we need to assume that nothing is safe so do not put info into emails that’s sensitive. That’s why a lot of documents (PDFs) have a secondary security gateway, same with some websites if you try to access from another device (IP address). Larger companies use ‘firewalls’ to protect their internal mail systems and we’ve even heard of...

website security https tls 1.2 cookies

Server updates completed

Server updates completed