Protect your web content – disable right click

disable right click copy

One of the big problems with website content (text and mages) is theft! It is all too easy to copy and paste from a web page to a document on your computer. For most this is not a malicious action, school project, personal message, social media for example. But in a few cases copying content from web pages is for commercial gain.

OHM director Nigel Stevenson is also listed on Google as a Media Consultant using his website as a platform to showcase his media knowledge. Most of the content in his web pages are extracts from his book “On your marks” – a designers guide. ISBN 978-0-9926886-0-8. The book is a completely original guide to media use for businesses, especially start-up businesses.

To protect the content we added a plug-in that disables: right click to prevent cut, copy, paste, save image, view source, inspect element etc.

it’s very difficult to copy content from these web pages

Most casual website user will not know how to circumnavigate this block so it offers a fairly robust protection for all content. An advanced user could probably work out the hack to access but on the whole, a good attribute to your IP (intellectual property) armory.

Will this restriction cause a problem with Google SEO?
It would appear not so we recommend this plug-in to all website owner displaying original text and images on their website.

However, if competitors copies your content, especially text and use it on their web pages if could reduce the impact on your search results. Google does preference the original authorship web page on its SERPS (search engine results page) but doesn’t penalize plagiarism.

Legal action
You could of course contact the protagonist but first you have to find them, then contact them and ask for the offending content to be removed. If they don’t it could cost a lot of money in legal fees to action. If the offender is not within the legal umbrella of international copyright law you have little hope of resolution.

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