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PayPal scam caller – Woo Commerce upgrade

An e-commerce shop client contacted OHM this week asking us to discuss a Woo-Commerce (WordPress shop plug-in) upgrade with a PayPal representative. We took the call from an Irish sounding male who calmly explained PayPal were upgrading security which required a plug-in installation for Woo-Commerce. But we wasn’t going to fall for that! During the call we Googled the phone number “who is calling me” [phone number] which uncovered a scam caller impersonating PayPal. During the call we confronted the gentleman with this information but he said this is not uncommon, in fact he said it was good to check and offered to send an email authenticating his credentials. Said...

bw jigs website design for inventor

BW Jigs new e-commerce shop website goes live

Kent based inventor Ben Weir started with a basic web page requirement to launch and profile his new door lock cutting jig. With a patent pending Ben needed to get tradesmen and retailers interested in his time saving, innovative joiners tool. The initial designs went well but there was a problem with the integration with a PayPal shop so OHM offered the WordPress woo-commerce shop solution. This is now live and taking orders. The new shop can process transactions, add VAT local taxes, show stock levels, image galleries, linked items and technical information about the jig. Oast House Media would like to thanks BW jigs for their web business and...

priority electrical shop

The Priority is Sales

We’ve recently completed a new brochure style website design for Gillingham based electrical wholesaler Priority Electrical (see news post). But with Covid 19 restricting shop footfall, owner Simon Fowler requested a bolt on e-commerce shop. Having already completed the design, adding the Woo-Commerce WordPress shop plug-in and integrating into the PayPal payment system was straight forward, but Priority Electrical already had an extensive digital database for stock control, could it be synchronised with the on-line shop? With a few tweaks yes. Woo-Commerce have some clever plug-in partners that can convert CSV (spreadsheet) lists to on-line product data saving hundreds of man hours. Work in progress as of date of this...

The stats stack up – Desktop v Mobile web pages

December 2019 was a very good month for our medical stationery client, record sales through our e-commerce web site proving the web design and Google SEO is working well for this long term client. Here at OHM we’ve been aware for many years that a lot of page previews come from browsers using mobile devices, this PayPal report confirms this and more. There’s a massive shift to mobile searches and payments. One of the reason folk have more confidence with mobile payments is the relatively new bank apps and PayPal’s domination of the free payment transaction market. These PayPal accounts are of course not free to the shop owner, in...

Web design and SEO client sales increase over 400%

We’ve just received a sales income update from a client retailing medical trade stationery showing a 400% increase on product sales over the past 12 month. We converted the site to a Google mobile friendly (responsive) web design 5 years ago and as you can see there’s almost a 50:50 split on device platform use. This confirms Google’s decision to enforce and punish any websites not conforming to their ‘responsive’ requirements and condones our move many years ago away from traditional web page design to WordPress responsive web design. The increased sales over a 12 month period would be the envy of many on-line sales companies. This has been achieved...

Florin Press new e-commerce shop website

The Florin Press is a unique tribute to traditional printing, a process you would have seen in every major city throughout Europe 300 years ago. It takes a highly skilled and experience technician to be able to create print on hand made papers using inks prepared on site and etched wooden blocks. Owner Graham Williams contacted OHM earlier in the year with a request to create a web design that enables on-line purchases of these beautiful creations. The end product is an amazing study of hand crafted books and prints available to purchase. OHM director Nigel Stevenson also has connections with the litho press printing trades: “It has been an...

website security https tls 1.2 cookies

Server updates, GDPR, HTTPS and Cookies

Web security requirements that are due to be invoked over the coming months

on-line crypto currency payments

UK first – cryptocurrency payments for OHM client

Bitcoin cryptocurrency and other e-coin website design