Florin Press new e-commerce shop website

The Florin Press is a unique tribute to traditional printing, a process you would have seen in every major city throughout Europe 300 years ago. It takes a highly skilled and experience technician to be able to create print on hand made papers using inks prepared on site and etched wooden blocks.

Owner Graham Williams contacted OHM earlier in the year with a request to create a web design that enables on-line purchases of these beautiful creations. The end product is an amazing study of hand crafted books and prints available to purchase.

OHM director Nigel Stevenson also has connections with the litho press printing trades:

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with a skilled craftsman with an amazing knowledge this wonderful art”

e-Commerce shop
The shop section of the web design can create a ‘cart’ environment for the purchaser and secure payments via PayPal. PayPal has become the standard Internet Merchant Account for smaller businesses as there are no monthly fees. When turnover increase you can add lower commission/monthly fee merchant account services and in most cases offer the purchaser the option.

The shop is powered by Woo-Commerce, WordPress partner for e-commerce websites. Woo-commerce is an simple to manage ‘back-end’ with easy to use tools for adding/editing/deleting products, changing prices, stock control, shipping tariffs and many other attributes. Full WordPress and Woo-commerce training has been completed and was included as part of the price to complete


see website: florinpress.com