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photoshop image editing in Kent

Palace retracts ‘manipulated’ images – photoshop editing lesson

We’d wager when Kate posted that lovely photo of her Mothers Day family she didn’t expect the massive fallout from the press about the changes in the image.

Ai copyright law in kent

Who owns the copyright for Ai generated content?

Oast House Media have been working with Boxall IPM based in Sandwich for many years.

disable right click copy

Protect your web content – disable right click

One of the big problems with website content (text and mages) is theft! It is all too easy to copy and paste from a web page to a document on your computer. For most this is not a malicious action, school project, personal message, social media for example. But in a few cases copying content from web pages is for commercial gain. OHM director Nigel Stevenson is also listed on Google as a Media Consultant using his website as a platform to showcase his media knowledge. Most of the content in his web pages are extracts from his book “On your marks” – a designers guide. ISBN 978-0-9926886-0-8. The...

root home renovations logo design

New logo design for new business

Logo’s coming in thick and fast as we tweak our Google SEO keywords. Roots Home Renovation business owner saved himself a shed load of time and money by delivering a very good brief for their new logo. Embracing renewable vibes with property care, the new design can be used for all media inc: web, print, signage and workwear. When designing a logo it is important to consider future use which may also include different colour backgrounds such as workwear and vehicles. Print and web are usually white backgrounds but vehicles and clothing can be dark substraights so an alternative design is always worth considering. Likewise, a ‘mono’ version could be...

logo designers in Kent

Logo re-design for Shelly’s Tea Rooms

Occasionally we are commissioned to design (or re-design) company logos for Kent businesses, in fact this month (October 2021) we’ve created 3 designs. 2 were part of website design projects, but the Shelly’s Tea Rooms was a logo re-design only project. The usual problem with logos are the original design has been lost or not supplied, especially with established businesses, for example: the original is not digital (old style paper artwork) the master file was not supplied to the customer (they only received the non-editable export files like JPG/PNG/GIF/TIFF/PDF files) the files have been lost the owner purchased the business and the previous owner failed to supply the master file...

local newpaper web design editorial

Website editorial printed by local press

Deal and Walmer Chamber of Trade were so impressed with our first editorial for the local press page, they asked us for another. This article is about websites representing your business and the affect a cheap design has on your sales potential. Here’s the content… Your website is your business card Do you remember the motorway service station business card printers? For a few pence you could quickly print a business card to take to your meeting. The problem was they looked cheap and didn’t represent your business in the right light. The new business card of today is your website but the same dilemma exists for business owners. It...

image copyright photograph ownership in kent

Who owns the image?

Here’s a typical photo scenario, “can you take a picture of us please”, we’ve all done it – on holiday, a wedding, out with friends or family. For happy snappy photos for non-commercial use there’s not normally an ownership issue, but we’ve been asked by a client to look into an image ownership for commercial website use. In this example the business owner asked her friend to use her phone and snap a picture whilst on holiday on the beach. It was such a good photo she  wanted to use it on her new business website. But who owns the photo? Is it the person who took the photo?…or is...

Protecting your products and services like Rioja wine?

Counterfeiting is an age old problem and is probably more prevalent today than it has ever been. For example, here at Oast House Media we are always banging on about image use and copyright – either protecting your original work or using someone elses. We’ve seen many cases (no pun intended) of clients coming to us with images and sometimes text copied directly from a competitors website in clear breach of UK copyright law. The whole subject is a minefield and a very expensive one if you get it wrong. One of the earliest examples of a company trying to protect their produce was the famous Rioja wine brand. In...